Finding God through Photography


To find God, you have to stop seeking. Don’t search for God in some far-off place or hope to meet God in some future encounter. You need to simply open your eyes in wonder in whatever place you are and you will be positioned to photograph God here and now.

    Alexenberg, Melvin L. . Through A Bible Lens (p. 54). Elm Hill. Kindle Edition. 

Recognize that as you are creating a photograph, God is creating through you. Both the subject of your photo and the photograph itself are facets of Hamakom. Open your eyes in wonder everyplace. With eyes of wonder you can discover the miraculous in the mundane. Stop long enough to uncover veiled aspects of Hamakom expressed through the built environment and frame them through your lens.
    Alexenberg, Mel. Photograph God: Creating a Spiritual Blog of Your Life (pp. 27-28). Kindle Edition


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