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Future Shock - A Photograph as Midrash

Traditional Methods of Interpretation: Peshat  – Simple restatement of the obvious elements Remez  – Hints – References to similar elements Drash  – Stories that expand on the elements and themes Sod  – Traditionally secrets, but could be personal insights of the viewer Midrash -Interpreting the Visual Image Peshat – Simple restatement of the obvious elements A young girl is watching a man using a machine to tear down a house in a residential area. Remez – Hints – References to specific or similar elements The girl is holding what looks like a basketball suggesting that she was on her way to play, but stopped fascinated by the tear down activity. And might she have playmate who lived in the house being torn down? The neighborhood is of similar vintage homes, and one wonders if a replacement house would be of a similar design or more modern? Why we might ask, is the house being torn down? Is a neighbor wanting to expand their property? Is there a relationship between the girl and the

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