Mi Sheberach - A Prayer for Recovery from Illness


Mi Sheberach - A Prayer for Recovery from Illness

This picture  taken in Cuba in 2013  shows a woman walking with an x-ray casually held in her right hand, without a covering holder. We don't know the significance of the x-ray, but the picture lends itself to a mention of the Jewish prayer for the sick. 

Originally the Mi Sheberach was recited as a representative of the ill was called to say the blessings before and after the Torah scroll reading. In more recent times, the prayer became a fixture in Sabbath evening worship. 

Lyrics by Debbie Friedman

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A Prayer for healing - source unknown

May the Eternal One who blesses all life,

bless and strengthen all of us

who struggle against illness.

May we whose lives are touched by illness

be blessed with faith, courage, love, and caring.

May we experience the support and sustenance

of family, friends, companions, and community.

May we be granted restful nights and days of comfort.

We pray for r’fuah sh’leimah — precious moments of healing —

and a sense of wholeness in body and soul.

May those who care for the sick

with their hands, their voices, and their hearts

be blessed with courage and stamina.

May those who pursue healing

through medical skill and knowledge

be blessed with insight, patience, and compassion.

May all of us,

the sick and the well together,

find courage and hope.

And let us say: Amen.